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The 8 most incredible views of my RTW trip

26 Oct Top 8 views

On a long term trip like this it’s easy to get spoilt rotten and to get used to all the beautiful sights you are surrounded with every day. That’s why it’s extra important to remind yourself of all the lovely things you’ve seen, and what is a better reminder than a photo? Here are the top 8 favourite views of my RTW trip.

1. Inca Icon

The first glimpse of Machu Picchu, Peru. When the fog finally lifted on a grey and rainy day it made up for the 4 days of serious hiking at altitude along the Inca Trail. I’m known to blab on for hours, but even I was speechless.

Machu Picchu no text

2. Pirate Lands

The view of the river Rio San Juan from the Fort in El Castillo, Nicaragua. We felt like real pirates looking out for ships to loot, aarrr!!


3. Central America’s Metropolis

I just couldn’t get enough of the stunning skyline of Panama City, Panama. Twinkling lights at night and shimmering glass and steel reflecting the scorching sun during the day, I loved it! And best of all, you could see all the big ships queuing to pass the Panama Canal.

panama City

4. Island Time 

One of my absolute favourite places on this whole trip was the tiny Belizean island of Caye Caulker, which lies in the beautiful caribbean sea. In 1961 hurricane Hattie literally ripped the narrow island into two pieces! “The Split” is the divide between the inhabited south part of the island and the still mainly uninhabited north part, and is also the best place to hang out with an ice cold Belikin beer to watch the sunset.

SPlit boat

5. Riviera Maya

The Mayan ruins at Tulum, Mexico, weren’t the first or biggest ones we visited on this trip but maybe the most stunning. Perched right on top a cliff and set against the bright turquoise backdrop of the Caribbean Sea, Tulum is definitely breathtaking.


6. The Happiest Place on Earth

Yeah, yeah, this might be cheesy. But when I first set foot in the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland, California, a childhood dream finally came true. How can you not love the pink Cinderella castle. Surprise Disney fact: Walt Disney had the turrets plated with real gold, but never told his brother Roy, who was in charge of the budget.

Disney Castle

7. Bay Area Icon

The most beautiful bridge in all the world, the Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco, is even more stunning in real life than I could ever have imagined. Maybe not as long or impressive as the Bay Bridge (also in San Fran) but it’s so iconic, you have to love it.


8. The Grandest of Canyons

To be honest I was a little worried when we visited the Grand Canyon that I’d be disappointed. The thing is, I’ve seen so many pictures and videos that I thought it would not be able to live up to it’s name. Boy was I wrong. Like in Machu Picchu, this was one of those humbling experiences when even I shut up for a minute.

Grand Canyon

Have you ever visited any of these places? Let me know about your favourite spot in the comments below!

My top 10 dishes: eating my way around the world

25 Oct top ten dishes rtw

It feels completely unreal to be writing these words, but I’ve been travelling around the world with my sidekick Simon for a whole year now. I’ve been dreaming of going on a round-the-world (RTW) trip for so long that actually doing it almost comes as a shock. Inspired by the hundreds of travel blogs I read while preparing for my trip I started JennyRTW during my last year in the UK.

Now, considering this is a TRAVEL blog it might seem weird that I haven’t posted a single thing about my actual trip since we left for Lima last October. Continue reading

Our one year round-the-world (RTW) trip in numbers

12 Oct DSC09456

I feel like a total fraud even writing this because I still can’t believe that it’s actually me I’m talking about. But it’s true, I checked. This weekend marked the one year anniversary of Simon and I leaving London for our eagerly awaited round-the-world (RTW) trip. But hang on! Is it even a round-the-world trip if you don’t actually make it all the way around the world? Continue reading

Travel expectations and reality

12 Aug

It would be wrong to say that all the planning in the world can’t prepare you for a trip of this magnitude, because much of the preparations have helped me immensely, like budgeting, packing and safety on the road. But nothing can prepare you for how you will FEEL on a trip like this.

Continue reading

T’was the night before take-off

10 Nov

It’s 2.53 am and I can’t sleep. Tomorrow is my last day in Munich before I leave on my round-the-world trip. This trip is what has kept me sane over the last three years while I was struggling through my PhD. Reading about other peoples’ dreams and how they managed to make them come true was what kept me going. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I made up my mind to go travelling, while I was still on my first ever solo trip in Israel in 2010. I remember tossing that 10 shekel coin at the beach in Tel Aviv on my last day there. I can’t even recall what the outcome was (heads or palm tree) but it didn’t really matter anyway. I’d already decided that travel would play a bigger part in my future life, even though it took a bit longer than I was expecting that summer, three full years.

Continue reading

My big fat bucket list for travelers OVER 30

16 May Celebrating my 30th birthday with my friends!

I can’t believe it’s less than 5 months until my boyfriend and I pack our fancy new backpacks and leave behind the British winter for a year-long adventure around the world! I’ve been excited about this trip for the last 2 years and since we’ve booked our RTW tickets earlier this year I can hardy sit still anymore.

I love planning holidays, from day trips outside London to weekend getaways, and now this once in a lifetime RTW trip! For me that means, talking to everybody I know about their favourite places they’ve traveled to, reading guide books and novels about the countries we will visit and trying to cook the dishes I am so looking forward to, to eat! And of course, reading travel blogs. Many, many travel blogs.

One thing I keep on stumbling upon is people’s bucket lists (which I love reading) and things they want to experience before they turn 30. Now, what is it about that magical number 30 that makes people so obsessed with it?

Continue reading

The Ugly Face of Solo Travel

14 Feb One-handed self-portrait

In recent weeks female (and male) solo travellers from around the world have spoken out strongly about the beauty of solo travel. Personally, I am a believer in travelling solo. It gives you enormous freedom to do exactly what you want, to see what you want to see and to eat what you want to eat. It’s a great confidence booster and an awesome way to meet new people.

But I think it is time to talk about the ugly side of solo travel. There are bad sides? I hear you ask? Oh yes. There is one aspect that every solo traveller (no matter if male or female) has encountered on their journeys, and it looks a little something like this:

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And the Liebster Blog Award goes tooooo…. JennyRTW!

14 Feb liebster-blog-awards

Yesterday evening I was nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by the lovely Amy from Amy the Nomad. Now I have to admit I hadn’t actually heard about this award before I was nominated but as it means “favourite” in German I knew this must be good.

The Liebster Blog award is a way for bloggers to high-five each other and to share their favourite small-ish blogs with each other. This is how it works: You get asked 11 questions by the blogger who nominates you, which you have to answer. Now it’s your turn to think of  11 questions which your 11 favourite bloggers have to answer. And for a little fun, you tell them 11 random facts about yourself. Simple!

So here we go.

Continue reading

Strange Brews

14 Feb DSC00154

Strange Brews

Another fun drinking pic over at The Tipsy Nomads!

That’s me drinking Umqombothi (which is a beer made from maize, sorghum, yeast and water) and a traditional drink in the townships in South Africa. I tried it in a shebeen in Soweto. The vessel is called a calabash!

Thanks for sharing!

My Favourite Travel Blogs

13 Feb

One of the best things about planning a RTW trip is getting excited about it, dreaming up your route and planning it! You can have so much fun preparing it all before you even hit the road, the time until departure day will just fly by.

I can’t recall how many hours and days I have spent looking at photos online, flipping through guide books and reading other people’s travel blogs online.

Here are my favourite blogs which gave me the courage to take the plunge and go, helped me with packing my backpack and how to budget for it all.

In no particular order:

A Little Adrift – Shannon’s blog was one of the first ones I came across and it has been indispensable in helping me plan my trip, especially the budgeting tips are great.

Her Packing List – Packing can seem like a big hurdle if you’ve never been away for a long-term trip, especially for girls. This blog has a packing list for virtually any occasion complete with photos, cute outfit ideas and all sorts of other travel essentials.

Never Ending Voyage – Erin & Simon are a couple who went on a RTW trip in 2008 and loved it so much they decided to sell everything and travel forever. Great preparation advice and budget break-downs.

Travel Fashion Girl – One of my favourite travel blogs especially for girls. Travel fashion girl proves that you can travel the world and look good at the same time. You can find outfit ideas, beauty tips, packing lists and shopping tips around the world.

Never Ending Footsteps – Lauren is a fellow English traveller who shows you how not to travel. She shares her incidents so we can learn from her (sometimes hilarious) mistakes.

Globetrotter Girls – Dani & Jess are a German/American lesbian couple who decided semi-spontaneously to travel the world. They give great advice on house-sitting and share delicious food from around the world, yum!

Tipsy Nomads – A really fun site that collects pictures of people with drinks from around the world. You can submit your own pic of you drinking your favourite tipple (I submitted one too)!

Inside the Travel Lab – This blog is run by Abi, a journalist who gave up a career as a doctor for life on the road. It’s a really creative source of everything related to travel accompanied by beautiful photos.

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I did!


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